We have topped up your balance with 100 rub!

Buy a Gigaset C610А IP with a MTT sticker and get an international phone number with a gift balance of 100 roubles!

MTT provides every buyer of an IP-phone Gigaset 610A IP with a free-of-charge opportunity to get an international YouMagic phone number. The lucky Gigaset 610A IP buyers will get a phone number with a non-geographical 88314 code and pre-paid 100 roubles' balance!

To activate your starting 100 roubles' balance please register with YouMagic.

For us to help you with the registration process and activation of your prepaid balance please enter you MAC-address printed on a big sticker label on your IP-phone package box as well as your email. We'll send you the necessary instructions to activate your international phone number and access parameters. All you need to do after you get this information to your email, is to perform verification.

  • Please, enter your phone's MAC-adress completely (as listed on the box), for example,1A2B345C67D8-E9FD
  • Press the "Get Code" button after entering the number, and YouMagic will send an SMS with a code to the number you entered
  • Enter the code you received into the “Confirmation Code” field
  • Press the "Confirm" button