Unique YouMagic application – you may try all YouMagic opportunities without any charges for registration and account refilling with the help of the Promo-rate.

The Promo-rate includes:

  • local landline number with the chosen city area code
  • 5 minutes a day of outgoing calls to the fixed numbers in the chosen city
  • Free incoming calls from any corner of the world.

Description: The Promo-rate is for those subscribers, who like to communicate and want to try the new YouMagic Application right now, before the purchase of a full rate plan. No payments are required. You can make free outgoing calls to any landline numbers of the region (but no more than 5 min a day) (Notes)


1. This rate plan has 7-day expiration period from the moment of an account registration

2. If a personal account balance is not refilled after expiration of 7 days, a personal account is automatically blocked, the telephone number of a subscriber is retrieved, and the service agreement is cancelled.

3. To pass to commercial use it is necessary to refill a personal account balance with the sum that is sufficient for payment of monthly subscriber’s fee in full amount.

4. Not more than 5 minutes a day, all further incoming calls are blocked.

5. Subscriber’s fee is not charged.