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Frequently asked questions

I can’t select the number from the number list

Somebody could have registered the number while you were selecting it. Try to choose another number.

The registration confirmation button is not active.

Check if you have filed all the I filled in all the registration form and also check the accuracy of the specified data.

I confirmed registration, but got no confirmation letter.

YouMagic letter may have got to “Spam” folder. Please, check. If the letter is not there, write to the customer service department using the feedback form and specify the registered YouMagicnumber.

I have recrived no SMS containing activation code.

Please report the problem to our technical support service, using the feedback formhaving specified the registered YouMagicnumber. There are sometimes problems with SMS-delivery for foreign mobile operators numbers.

The link for registration in the received e-mail is incorrect . Following the link I see the message: “Incorrect activation link! We have no such account in our database, or it has already been activated”.

The link is valid during 24 hours. You cannot confirm your registration later. Please complete the registration again and follow the new link you receive by e-mail.

I had chosen a number on the website and entered my data. Next day I found out that the number was not working – I couldn't make or receive any calls.

After you have chosen a number and entered your personal data youreceive a link to the specified e-mail for confirmation of registration.

Attention! The link is valid during 24 hours! If you don't confirm the registration following the link during this period of time, your account is deleted, and the chosen number is returned for free sale after expiration of two-day term. The user is notified about it automatically.

Registration of an additional number.

To get an additional number within the framework of YouMagic service it is necessary to register one more time. For every number a different account is created.

Where can I use my number?

Anywhere in the world, where there is an Internet connection. You can use WebPhone in the Personal Account, home SIP Telephone, IP-gateway (АТА) for analog fixed phone, or Softpnone for PC and mobiles. Please, note, that you need a computer equipped with a sound card, a speaker system and a microphone (or hands-free) to make your calls from the Personal Account. The opportunity to use a Local number is based on the Local communication service, using the forwarding technology.

Do I have to be on the web-site all the time to get a call to my number?

No, not necessarily. You can download a softphone or set forwarding phone numbers (either mobile or fixed-line) in your profile. If you have more than one SIP-phones, or softphones connected to the same YouMagic account, any of these devices may receive the incoming call. It is not necessarily, that incoming call will come to the device that was switched on the last one.

How can I get my SIP settings?

Your number settings are sent with a registration confirmation letter.

Can I register several YouMagic numbers using one my contact mobile number and e-mail address?

Yes, you can. It has now become possible to register up to 3 fixed telephone numbers and unlimited quantity of International phone numbers using just one email address and one mobile phone number.

I cannot enter my personal account page at web-site.

You should complete the registration at web-site:
- fill the form with passport data (for getting a Local number);
- sign the application;
- sign the agreement by a digital signature.

May I change my personal data, provided at registration?

Yes, you may change your personal data by yourself. Please visit Account/Personal Details. You have to pass the sms-verification procedure to change the current mobile phone number. (You shall enter the code you received on your new mobile phone number into the Confirmation Code field).

I have downloaded and installed YouMagic software client, but I can’t log in.

There should be not less than 300 Rubles on your account during the first run of the client. After the first successful entry the service would be available if the account is not empty. More information you can get on the download page. Attention: increasing the account will automatically change your rate plan to “Two capitals”.
You may also use web-phone in your personal account page at web-site, YouMagic trial software, any other third-party SIP-phone (e.g., X-Lite). Any devices, working through SIP are also welcome.

Not more than 2 YouMagic programs for one operating system is allowed to be installed, and not more than 4 YouMagic programs totally.

Error No. 2

Please, report error to our support service.

Error No. 3

Please try to connect later. If the problem persists, Please, report error to our support service.

Error No. 6

Please, download and install your YouMagic software.

Error No. 401

Please, check your login/password. If the problem persist, report error to our support service.

Error No. 403

Please, check your login/password. Probably your account is blocked or deleted.

Error No. 404

Please check the number you call. Possibly the receiving party operator has technical problems.

Errors No. 500, 501, 503, 504

Please, report error to our support service.

Error No. 603

Declined by receiving party. Probably your equipment sends the incorrect call originating number.

How can I top up my personal account?

For this purpose, you may use any payment systems which accept payments for the benefit of MTT OJSC (VISA, MasterCard, QIWI, CyberPlat, e-port, Elexnet, Yandex.Money, Euroset, Svyaznoy…). Please note that crediting of funds to account can take a lot of time. If you don't get the funds during one hour, call the payment system support service or our support service for the reasons.

Attention! You need to select the button YouMagic

Or choose the button MTT "Сall number".

More details are provided in the Account.

How can I check the status of my personal account?

You just have to enter your profile. There you will find information about your remittances and payments for calls.

What number shouldI enter using paying terminals?

In any case, there's no difference between Moscow, St.-Peretsburg, Finnish or international +883140 YouMagic number. You should enter 10 last digits of your number.

Making a call

Why is not registered 3CX softphone?

To be able to make calls from the Softphone 3CX, 3CX softphone you need to install version 6.0, inclusive, and to make the appropriate settings according to your account. Versions of the above mentioned are used only to connect to the PBX 3CX.

If you have more than one SIP-phones, or softphones connected to the same YouMagic account, any of these devices may receive the incoming call. It is not necessarily, that incoming call will come to the device that was switched on the last one.

Are calls to Moscow or Saint Petersburg restricted in any way?

Yes, they are. The “Two Capitals ” rate plan offers free calls to landline phone numbers only. All mobile calls are charged extra. This rate also provides for time limitations – 1000 minutes a month. This restriction has been introduced to prevent abusive practice. More details about the rate plan terms are provided in Rates.

You can find more additional help information about YouMagic service and equipment at our Wiki web-site