Balance refill
Payment by credit cards.

Payments processing is accomplished by PayOnline System PayOnline System processing centreno fee charged.

All data sent by you to PayOnline System processing centreare fully protected in compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS safety standard and are not sent to us – we do not receive any confidential information on your credit card, except for the information on the payment itself. Information on your payment can reach us in from 5 seconds to several minutes depending on the speed of transaction processing by the International Payment Systems members.

Payment refund, correction and cancellationconditions:

Payment refund is only carried out to the credit card to which the payment has been transferred in compliance with the corresponding legislation.

To refund, correct or cancel a payment a payer shall provide for consideration of the mobile operator the following data by

1. Description with specification of the reason of the refund, cancellation or correction of the payment.

2. A copy of the corresponding page of the passport or any other document certifying the identity, containing last name and first name, photograph, number and date of issue.

3. Full bank details for transfer to the account, and in case of transfer to thebank card – its copy (card number, last name, first name, patronymic and validity period) and the card bank account.

4. In case of payment via stationary systems - a copy of confirmation of payment ;

- via e-wallets – a print screen from the personal account with the information on the payment (the unique payment number (Transaction ID), payment receiver, date, sum);

- via a bank card (the unique payment number (Transaction ID), payment receiver, date, sum, last name and first name of the card holder);

- from a bank account – the official document from the bank confirming the transfer of the payment.