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Frequently asked questions

I can’t select the number from the number list

Somebody could have registered the number while you were selecting it. Try to pick up another number.

I filled in all the fields but the registration confirmation button is still not active.

You may have missed some of mandatory fields.

I confirmed registration, but got no confirmation letter.

YouMagic letter may have got to “Spam”. Please, check. If the letter is not there, write to the customer service department using the feedback form.

I have registered at YouMagic Web-site, but got no SMS containing activation code.

Please report the problem to our support service, using the feedback form. There are sometimes problems with SMS-delivery outside Russia.

I have completed the registration and got an e-mail. Following the link in the received e-mail I see the following: “Incorrect activation link! We have no such account in our database, or it has already been activated”.

The link is valid during 24 hours. You cannot confirm your registration later. Please, complete the registration again and follow the new link you receive by e-mail.

I had chosen a number and entered my data. Next day I found, that the number was not workingI couldn't make and receive the calls.

After choice of a number and entrance of data the user gets a link to his e-mail for confirming a registration. Attention! The link is valid during 24 hours! If the user doesn't confirm the registration by the link during this time, his account is deleted, and the chosen number is returned for sale after expiration of two days term. The user is notified about it automatically.

Using the number
Error codes
Topping up mobile balance
Making a call
Hardware configuration
Receiving a call
“Two Capitals” rate plan
You can find more additional help information about YouMagic service and equipment at our Wiki web-site