Version 1.2.13

1. New versions of Windows and MacOS YouMagic applications (softphones) were published. Now you can install Windows softphone on Windows x64 version.

2. New numeration of London and Israel was enabled

3. Removed questionnaire from account management interface. Thank you very much for your answers. Now we know that most of users are satisfied by our service

Version 1.2.12

1. Management of Voice2email service was enabled

2. A-number substitution was disabled

Version 1.2.11

1. New password is verified for secure restrictions when restoring

2. User can stop banner rotation on the main page by clicking on banner name

3. Added account number to the password restoring page to prevent several mail sending

Version 1.2.10

1. New main page published

2. You may click on the person icon before login into account and 88314 appears in the field. Enjoy!

3. New region Rostov-na-Donu is available

4. Improved webphone settings to prevent some errors when calling

5. New functionality Call-back is added

Version 1.2.9

1. Changes in tariff plans have been published

2. Small content changes and bug fixes

Version 1.2.8

1. Added new number pools of baltian countries: Estonia, Litva, Latvia

2. Web-phone is updated

3. Corrected message when installed YouMagic softphone is initializeng and count of licences is exceeded

4. Registering process is now tranferred to the safe mode (HTTPS)

5. Small contecnt and styles changes

Version 1.2.7

1. New rates for tariff "Easy" are applied for numbers 88314

2. Opened access to new phone range 88314077. More than 419000 numbers can be registered.

3. Inner changes and small content redactions

Version 1.2.6

1. Kaliningrad phone numbers were enabled

Version 1.2.5

1. Added new tariffs: "Moscow" and "St. Petersburg"

2. Added functionality of tariff choosing and changing

3. Fixed small bugs which not allowed to use russian symbol "ё" in the passport data

Version 1.2.4

1. Simple URLs are enabled

2. Security was improved for user password catching

3. Fixed some small bugs

Version 1.2.3

1. Questionarie is published in the account zone

2. Added functionality to export call history to CSV-file

3. Fixed bug of ringing signal absent when user make outgoing call in the account zone

Version 1.2.2

1. Added news block to the account zone

2. Gigaset registration module was improved

3. Some content changes were published

Version 1.2.1

1. Ekaterinburg phone numbers were enabled

2. Improved security for transferring between public and account zones

3. Design of registration module was improved