What is YouMagic?

YouMagic – a wonderful opportunity to get the following in just a few minutes:

  • Local number in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland area codes
  • Free communication within a domestic network
  • Low call rates within Russia, CIS and to other countries of the world

Registration takes only a few minutes.

You will get a great solution for making calls all over the world with the Internet use. You can use WebPhone in the Personal Account and different devices and SoftPhones to call and receive calls. Please, note, that you need a computer equipped with a sound card, a speaker system and a microphone (or hands-free) to make your calls from the Personal Account. The opportunity to use a Local number is based on the Local communication service, using the forwarding technology.

YouMagic – is an advantageous telephony with a real telephone number!

Calls in Russia for 0.99 roubles!
YouMagic is an affordable means of long-distance and international communication. Calls to all Russian cities cost only 99 kopecks per minute! International calls are priced just as low – less than a rouble per minute to all EU countries and all phone numbers in the North America (USA, Mexico and Canada). Call and talk to whomever you wish whenever you wish at the best rates.
First really unlimited rate plan
Want to talk to St. Petersburg and Moscow for hours and hours? With YouMagic it is as simple as ever and totally free of charge. The “Two Capitals” rate plan allows calling landline numbers in Moscow and St. Petersburg completely free of charge for 2 hours per day. YouMagic also offers affordable long-distance and international rates. For example, calls to the USA or any landline number in Russia cost less than a rouble per minute.
YouMagic is the tourist’s best friend
Say “no” to roaming! With YouMagic all incoming calls are always free of charge whenever you are. YouMagic needs only Internet to work and allows you to receive calls at your local phone number totally free of charge. You can also call landline numbers in St. Petersburg and Moscow toll-free, while outgoing calls to all Russian cities will still cost just 99 kopecks per minute. No settings, only your local phone number! YouMagic will keep you in touch with your friends and relatives whenever you are.